The Clique Awards


The Clique Awards review and awards program returns again in 2022/23, exclusively for members of the Canon Collective Facebook Community.

Setting these awards apart from most other photo competitions is our Report Card feature that provides feedback to entrants on how each and every one of their entries faired against the judge’s scoring criteria.


All entrants must be members of the Canon Collective Facebook Community at the time of entry. Free to join, the Collective currently connects almost 20,000 photographers and continues to welcome like-minded members regardless of age and photographic experience. *Members are NOT required to shoot Canon.


15 November 2022 – Entries Open
6 December 2022 – Entries Close
January 2023 – Shortlist and Finalists Galleries released
February 2023 – Winners Announced
March 2023 – The Clique Awards Top 100 Book released


Whether you’re new to photography or have some years behind the lens, you’re welcome to be part of the awards and compete only against others with similar levels of experience.
Upon registering, entrants will select the CLASS they wish to compete in:

  • Novice (shooting up to 2 years)
  • Experienced (shooting over 2 years)


The Clique Awards categories celebrate both the way single moments in time can be captured by a camera, and the way software can be used to interpret imagery. These two STREAMS are Awarded separately:

  • Processed-Only images – Single-capture photographs with processing restricted to a codified set of adjustments
  • Edited images

    In both Streams, all entries must be comprised of content that is the sole work of the Entrant.

    An excerpt from The Clique Awards Terms and Conditions:

5.5.1 PROCESS-ONLY STREAM – Allowable Digital Adjustments – Digital adjustments including globalised colour, saturation, tone, and contrast; local adjustments to colour, saturation, tone and contrast (burning, dodging); cropping; sharpening; noise reduction; minor cleaning work (including but not limited to removal of sensor dust or scratches on transparencies/scans, removal of chromatic aberration. Minor cleaning is permitted but not to the extent that it alters the authenticity of the photograph.
5.5.2 The following digital adjustments – but not limited to these – are not allowed in the Processed Stream: adding, moving, or removing objects, animals or parts of animals, plants, people, structures, or other elements; composites using more than one of the same or different original files; digital painting.  
5.5.3 HDR images, stitched panoramas, and focus stacked images, CAN NOT be entered in the Processed Stream.

5.6.1 EDITED STREAM Allowable Digital Adjustments – Digital adjustments listed in 5.5.1 are permitted. Digital adjustments listed in 5.5.2 are permitted. Images listed in 5.5.3 are permitted.

Check the complete Clique Awards Terms and Conditions for full details of Entry Requirements.


1. People – Photographs of Human Subjects
2. Places – Photographs of Geographic Locations
3. Nature & Wildlife – Naturally occurring plants and animals and geology
4. Action – Photographs captured of subjects in motion (NEW IN 2022)

5. Scapes – Images of real or manufactured scenes
6. Plants & Animals – Images can include wild, domestic, or captive animals, wild or cultivated plants


Every entry will be scored by three experienced reviewers, who will provide a score against each of six Judging Criteria, and average scores then calculated. From the pool of highest-scoring images, a Shortlist and group of Finalists will be announced. The winners will be adjudicated from the Finalists in each category.

The Six Judging Criteria are Impact, Technique, Composition, Subject, Storytelling, and Innovation.


Every entrant will receive a REPORT CARD that provides them with the scores they received for each of their entries.

The REPORT CARD will reflect the average of scores given by three experienced reviewers, and the score will provide a gauge of achievement against each of the Six Judging Criteria.


Category Winners in the 2022 Clique Awards will each receive a prize of 500 Collective Dollars. This will be a First Prize for one Novice entrant, and a First Prize for one Experienced winner, in each of the six Categories.

“500 Collective Dollars” has a retail value of AUD$500 and vouchers are only redeemable against a purchase of Canon brand equipment at our partner retailer, CameraPro.


The Awards are open to all members of the Canon Collective Facebook Group.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Copyright of the images will remain at all times with the photographer.

Images will be used strictly in connection with the administration of The Clique Awards and by the organisers, sponsors and partners for the purposes of promoting The Clique Awards. See Terms and Conditions for full details.


The Entry Fee is $25 per image, with entrants allowed a maximum of six images. Entries can be across any category. As an example, you could enter one entry in each of six categories, or six entries in one category… or a mix, that’s up to you.

Entries are now Closed

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