Clique Awards FAQ’s

To enter you must be a member of the Canon Collective Facebook Group.
Click here, it’s free to join.

1. Who can enter the Clique Awards?

The Clique Awards are open to Australian photographers of all levels of experience. Only Members of the Canon Collective Facebook Group are eligible to win a prize.

2. Do I have to be a member of the Canon Collective Facebook Group?

Yes, you must be a member of the Canon Collective Facebook Group to be eligible to win a prize.

3. I see The Clique Awards are being run in the Canon Collective Facebook Group, but I shoot with a different brand of camera. Can I still enter?

Yes. You can join the Canon Collective Facebook Group no matter what camera you use, and enter the Clique Awards. We welcome a full gamut of photographs in the Awards.

4. When do entries open and close?

The Entry Window opens on Tuesday November 15 2022 and closes Tuesday 6 December 2022

5. Is there a cost to enter images into Clique Awards?

Yes. The Entry Fee ($25 per image) covers the cost of running the awards, including review and feedback by three experienced reviewers in the form of a Report Card.

6. Do I get feedback on my Entries?

All entries will receive a Report Card drawing on the scores given by the review team against the Six Scoring Criteria. These scores will provide points of reference for you to consider – they’ll show the Scoring criteria in which you are doing well, and what areas could use improvement in the future.

7. I have only just started on my photography journey. Will I be competing with more experienced photographers?

At the point of entry, you can identify as either a “Novice” photographer (shooting for up to two years) or an “Experienced” photographer.

8. If I enter as a Novice, will my images be scored differently from those in the Experienced Class?

No, the same scoring system is used for both the Novice and the Experienced Classes. Our scorers will be blind to the class of the image they are scoring. This ensures a true reflection of where a photograph sits within a set scoring range and will provide valuable insight into what aspects of the image can be improved.

9. Can I enter an image I shot four years ago?

Yes. There are no restrictions on the capture date for entry in the 2022 Awards.

10. Entry is by online Registration only. 

The online entry system can be found at the Registration & Entry Page

11. How many images can I enter?

You may enter a maximum of six images into The Clique Awards. These can all be in one Category or spread across the Categories of your choice.

12. Can I enter more than one image in each category?

Your images can all be in one Category, or spread across the Categories of your choice.

13. How do I name my files?

Whatever the name of the file you choose to enter, your files will be automatically renamed at upload and receive a unique and anonymous file name.

14. Can I add more images to my entry?

Once you have submitted your images you can change the image you have entered by logging in to your Account on the Competition Portal – but you cannot add any more images directly through the portal. If you would like to add extra images, please contact and we will facilitate your request.

15. How do I know if my submissions have been received?

You will receive a confirmation email displaying the thumbnails and the auto-generated file numbers of the images entered.

16. Email communications from

You will be sent email communication when you update any details or images in the Competition Portal.

If you chose to opt-in for a Report Card at the point of entry, at the conclusion of the competition you will be sent your Report Card, scored by professional photographers to assist you in bettering you photography.

17. Can I enter photo composites and digital manipulations?

Yes. You can in either of the two categories in the Edited Stream. These are Scapes and; Plants & Animals. 

Refer to section 5. IMAGE SPECIFICATIONS in the Terms & Conditions for guidance.

18. How is the competition judged?

All entries will be scored by three experienced scorers. Scorers will provide a score out of 10 against each of Six Judging Criteria.

Impact; Technique; Composition; Subject; Storytelling; and Innovation. 

Each set of Criteria Scores from the three reviewers will then be averaged and tallied. A pool of highest scoring entries in each category will make the Shortlists and advance to a second round of adjudication, where the judging panel will choose a group of Finalists. 

From the Finalists in each category, a Novice Winner and an Experienced Winner will be chosen.

19. Is judging anonymous?

Yes. The review and judging team will not have access to information that can identify the author of a photograph.

20. Can I change my selection of entries once they have been uploaded?

Yes. Upon entry, you are provided with account details which you can use to log in to the Competition Portal to affect the following changes.

• Update your entries with replacement images and descriptions at anytime prior to the close of entry. Entries close 9:00 pm on the 6th December 2021 (AEST)

• Add or change any contact details, except for your name or email address.
• Add or change any social media information.
• Add or change your website address.
• Update the Location shot for any of your submitted images.
• Update your Images Descriptions.

21. Are there any age restrictions?

 Yes – The competition is only open to photographers aged 18 and over.

22.  What happens if my submission is corrupted or unreadable?

If your entry submission is corrupted or unreadable by us, we will endeavour to contact you to arrange for the image/s to be re-sent.

23. I have lost my password

Click here to reset you password Lost your password? 

24. Further Assistance

If you experience problems during the submission of your entries, then please contact us at the following email address:

We will endeavour to respond to your email as soon as possible.

Please note that in the days leading up to the closing date of the competition, the increased amount of internet traffic and submissions may mean that both the speed of our submission system and our ability to respond to technical issues will be reduced. We recommend initiating the submission of entries early in the competition window so that if you do come across any technical problems, our staff will have plenty of time to help you with any problems you might experience.

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