On Submission of your entry you will receive 5 emails

(They may not arrive in the order set out below)

After you have completed the Registration and Entry you will want to login to the Competition Portal, where you can amend your entries, you will need to follow the directions contained in two of the emails:

[Photo Competitions] Activate ‘Your Name’ (this activates your account)

[Photo Competitions] Login Details Ā (this creates your password)

See examples of all five emails below.

*Please note Usernames are case sensitive, so ensure the case of the username you are entering matches what was input at Registration.

1. Confirmation of entry into a Photo Competition

2. Receipt of payment

3. [Photo Competitions] Terms & ConditionsĀ 

4. [Photo Competitions] Activate ‘Your Name’Ā 

5. [Photo Competitions] Login Details

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