People’s Choice Award

Have Your Say & Vote! – Starts May 1st 2021.

Winner will be announced LIVE on the Underwater Tour Show Sunday, May 23 from 7:00pm (AEST)

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How to cast your vote in the People’s Choice Award

  • Browse the People’s Choice Gallery
  • If you’d like to see a bigger preview, click on the image and it will enlarge.
  • To return to the grid view gallery anytime, click on ‘Back to Contest’  at the top of the SINGLE VIEW Image.
  • To cast your ONE Vote, BE IN SINGLE VIEW ONLY (NOT GRID VIEW) and just click on the ♡
  • You only get ONE vote so be sure to look over all the images first.
  • You CANNOT change your Vote once Cast.

The image with the most votes wins the People’s Choice Award.

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People’s choice voting closes May 20th.

A note from Dr Richard Smith about this year’s Ethical Standards Review

“It has been a great honour to conduct an Ethical Standards Review of the stunning images entered into the Underwater Tour Awards again this year. We initially flagged half a dozen shots for review, and reached out to the photographers to better understand the processes by which they came about their images. Certain animal behaviours are uncommon to see, but of course this doesn’t imply that they don’t happen ordinarily under natural circumstances. We were happy to hear in detail the consideration that the photographers had taken in capturing their images and the lengths they went to in minimising disturbance of their subjects. In no cases did the photographers descriptions raise any red flags in the review process.” Dr Richard Smith

People’s Choice Winners

Prize Pack :

  • A Copy of Darren Jew’s Underwater Australia
  • Little Urchin Reef Friendly Sunscreen
  • Finslap H2o Drink Bottle
  • Living Image A2 Print Voucher
  • Scubapro Mask & Fin Set